The Stock Market and Financial Crises that We Live In

As you probably realize, we live in financial times, like one advertisement says. We realize this now more than ever, mainly because of recent news in the stock market and financial industry. Even big banks with long history like Lehman Brothers have serious financial problems and the whole financial sector has bad times.

Stock Market has record drops since 9/11 and majority of people are scared from this events and are afraid about their investments, retirement and future. I saw the biggest rush in the stock market in my trading career. For majority of people are events like these disquieting. However the best traders and investors know how to make money in every market, regardless if market goes up or down or how fast it goes. In this market, few days ago I had my the most profitable trade ever. I was profiting from stock, that price was going down. I used put option, that enables me to profit even if the price of underlying stock goes down.

So what's my solution for traders or investors that want to survive or benefit in every market? If you want to prosper and benefit from situations like this you must have right knowledge that will give you advantage. The right knowledge is the key that makes risk much smaller.


Pankaj said...

What you are portraying here is ideal scenario - How often do you know what these crooks are going to do next? .. They are changing rules on a daily basis. Also, dont we know the effect of hedge funds on the prices of equities nowadays? ... Fundamentals and even technicals are out the window lately.. This is strictly a day traders market!

Came across your blog today and liked it!


Option Trader said...

Thank you pankaj for your comment. I definitely agree with you on that, that this is a day traders market and I am sure they have a lot of fun in days with record intraday changes since 9/11.

Stock Options Trader said...

Check out my trades and you can follow them, not follow them or trade against them if you think I'm wrong. But I show every trade that I put on. My Option and Stock Trades is the site where you can see what I do.

I've made over $5 Million Dollars in the stocks and options markets. But I'm not and advisor nor am I a professional, I'm a public client just like you with a knack for stock option trading!

Check out my trades and comment on them good or bad, I don't care, I make up my own mind and you can guage by my returns whether I am right or wrong. Hey, it's my money and I can do what I want with it.

zoe said...
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