Candlestick chart patterns - Spinning tops

From start, I will focus on single candle lines. Here belong also spinning tops. Some candle patterns consist of more candle lines, but we can get valuable information also from single candle line. Candlesticks help us visualize market psychology. They portray the battle between the bulls and bears. The essence of market move is in real body. Real body is part of candle line between opening and closing. And spinning top is term for a candle with a small real body. And it's not important if it's black or white (or red or green). Spinning top can but doesn't have to have lower or upper shadow. Only important factor is a small real body. One picture is worth more than tousand words:

Spinning top shows that neither the bulls or bears have dominant power. The main interpretation is that the market is in confusion and indecision. Spinning tops are also parts of many candle patterns that indicate market reversal.


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